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What is Talnt best suited for?

Sign up for Talnt if... You are a medium to large organization that operates out of more than one city You need to get a job done that needs more than 1 type of expertise You can’t seem to understand how this would work You want to focus on other things at the same time Call us if you are still unsure

How do I become a Talnt Elite member?

Tell us a bit about what you are looking for and you will get a call back within 24 hours.

How many projects can I have with Talnt?

There is no restriction on the number of projects you can run under your Talnt membership. Our team will need to speak with you to understand the scope and objectives to find and assign the right experts.

How would a Talnt project be charged?

Each project will need to be evaluated individually before an estimate is given to you. Clients are charged only after a formal estimate is approved by both parties.

What is the scale of projects Talnt can cater?

Anything from a logo design to build your app, our vetted community of top 10% freelancers experts can product stellar quality and service.

Who decides which experts suit my business needs?

Our Talnt buddy curates the team of experts that match your project requirements and scope. Ofcourse, we introduce you to them before and take your feedback before signing up any expert for the project.

How credible is Talnt's freelance community?

Talnt vetting mechanism allows only top 10% freelancers to join the exclusive community of 1000+ experts. Our rigorous screening process, includes 1:1 skill assessment with our domain experts, pilot projects, background checks thereby making our community the smartest, the finest and the most trusted in the ecosystem.

Who is a Talnt buddy?

Talnt buddy is a team of domain experts who stick along with you until you are satisfied with the project. They hold subject matter expertise to understand your diverse business needs and pair you with the finest freelance experts to get the job done.

Can’t find the right answer?

Go to our contact page and get in touch with our support team. They are 24/7 ready to help you